About Us

An apple a day can’t always keep the doctor away!

Health is a luxury and Sportious is the cherry on top, bringing you sleek, comfortable, and trendy designs mirroring & originals from some of the best brands in the world. Whether you’re the captain of your school’s sports team, heading an inter-university athletics battle, making it to the national games, sweating it out at the local gym, or keeping yourself moving in your colony, we’ve got something for you no matter your age, gender, or size. After all, good health is important for everyone!

Let’s face it- getting chic, comfy, and form-fitting sportswear & casualwear from us is easier on the pocket than a medical bill. So are you ready to feel light on your feet and hip on your heels?

Remember, Sportious is made to move!

All products sold on our website are overruns of export orders for European and American brands sourced from internationally certified textiles factories from Pakistan, Vietnam, Turkey, Bangladesh and some other countries.